Tuesday, April 16, 2013

One Week

Well, I am one week post-op and I have lost 18 pounds. I have not started a photo diary yet though...I know, I should get on that really soon. Maybe tomorrow?.....

I have not done so well with the post op diet however. For 2 weeks I am suppose to be on a full liquid diet. Creamy soups, ice cream, pudding, stuff like that. The problem is, I only like 1 kind of soup (tomato) and I only eat it with a grilled cheese. This means I only eat what it on my bread, and I don't actually drink the soup. Well, I tried to eat some soup on day 3 I think, and 1 spoonful was enough. I immediately went to heaving. Ugh. The other problem...I am not a sweet eater! This means, ice cream, pudding and stuff like that...no working either.
I have decided that since I feel great, I will try to eat very small amounts of soft foods. Mashed potatoes is my friend, but I am burned out on them already. Tomorrow I will start having scrambled eggs, well, make that EGG.

I did eat part of a club sandwich from Subway for dinner tonight. So far everything is fine. I have had NO PROBLEMS AT ALL, but this also isn't something that I am going to do on a regular basis. I just needed something, damnit!!

Anyway, so far everything is still going great, and even though I could not make myself follow the strict diet, I still think I am doing just fine. I am ready to get back to the gym though......

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  1. I think a full liquid diet would definitely be a challenge for me!