Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Teeth, they damn sure can be expensive!

When I was a small child, the first trip to the dentist that I can remember was a horrible time for me. To this day I can remember it, and feel the pain as if it were taking place this very moment. I got 8 fillings and 4 caps and not once time did they dentist numb my mouth. They would not let my mom go in the treatment room with me, and when she could hear me screaming out in such pain and demanded to know what the hell was going on, they informed her that doctor was just cleaning my  teeth...Well, for a couple of years I would not let my mom take me back to the dentist. I mean, I guess she could have since she was my mom and I was just a little kid, but you get my point. Also, some years later that asshole dentist killed himself because he was being sued for the millionth time because of the kind of treatment he was giving to his patients. Hmm.
My mom found a pediatric dentist and she started taking me there. It was a husband and wife practice and I absolutely LOVED it. I still remember their name and I have not been there in over 20 years. Yeah, seriously 20 years, but after my first visit to them I would literally beg my mom to take me to the dentist, and somehow I came to LOVE going to the dentist. Even as I got older and I knew that I would be having to get a filling or something, I still loved going.
Fast Forward to post children...my teeth started going bad. I had no insurance...blah blah blah...I ended up having to have 2 crowns done at one time on the top two front teeth, and now, 5 years later I am needing more dental work done....and this time I am not loving the idea of going to the dentist. lol.

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