Monday, August 11, 2014

Football Time!

  LP! Go Bulldogs!! 

Growing up I went to one of the so called "prestigious" schools...Deer Park. Our biggest rival in football was La Porte. I can not even begin to express how excited I am that my son is going to be playing football for La Porte! Not only that...he will be playing with Reid Worthington! For those who do not know, that is the little brother of Jake Worthington...from Team Blake on The Voice!!! 
When I went and picked Dawson up from his first official high school football practice this evening, Jake was standing in the parking lot talking to a friend of his. I just think it so awesome that this young man can come off of The Voice Tour and still just hang out in parking lots. He doesn't seem to have let any of the fame get to his head. No, I did not act like some crazed fan...I never said a word, just admired his humbleness...

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