Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election day..joy joy

So today is THE day, and I hope Obama gets voted OFF the island!

I honestly don't usually get involved in all of the political bullshit, and I try to keep my opinion to myself for  the most part, but tonight....tonight I am sick at my stomach at the the fact that this fucking idiot, Anti Christ, could possibly be re-elected. This man is a FUCKTARD! He has done nothing good for the economy, and where the hell is the CHANGE he promised? We  got change alright, just not the kind that he promised.

I can not say that I am for one party or the other, as I believe and support some things from each side, so I just go with the lesser of two evils, I guess you could say. I followed along and did some research four years ago and I was against Obama then, and I still am...even more so.

I understand that it takes more than 4 years to CHANGE everything...for the good, but it damn sure did not take that long for him to make matters much worse than they were. I also know that as each President is leaving office, the new one coming in will inherit all of the bullshit created and left behind by the last, but if they really know what the hell they are doing, and stick to their guns and don't just say shit to get elected and then do the total opposite, then we would be much better off.

Anyway, that is my rant for the night.

Now, tomorrow back to work...Ugh. Hope my back feels better when I wake up.

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