Sunday, November 11, 2012

Friday Night Blues

I love being a wife and mother, but just for the record, I love going out to the clubs too....and I have not been in a very long time. The hubs doesn't care for it too much. Not sure why, but there is just something about that LOUD music, and being with a group of friends that I long for...sometimes. I don't want to go every weekend by any means, but sometimes, I feel like I am going to go insane if I don't go, and yet...I still don't go. I usually find myself sitting at home singing to myself "she's got those Friday night blues."

On the plus side to this NOT going out...I have managed to wash, dry and fold about 15 loads of laundry this weekend! EVERYTHING is getting washed and I think I have about 3 loads left and then I will sweep and mop, and I will be finished.
Sunday is usually the day that we go grocery shopping and clean the house together, and the kids too if it is their weekend to be home and not at their dads, but today the Hubs went to work so it has just been me. I think I may go start on the garage next but we shall see how my back is doing in a little while...

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