Thursday, January 30, 2014


I don't know about all families, but I know that when I was growing up my family was very close. Maybe not my whole family, but still. I know that I was close to my moms baby brother and his kids, and then with my dads family. Even though my dad was in prison pretty much my entire childhood, until I was 18 or 19 to be exact, his family ALWAYS welcomed my mom and I and I am telling you, that is where some of my most favorite times.
I honestly do not remember a single weekend of my childhood where I was not with them at some point. We did everything together, and we did absolutely nothing together as well, but it was still a blast.
We had family reunions, every year, and being that that side of my family is/was in to music, there was almost always a guitar brought out, and everybody would sing songs. It was amazing and I miss that so much.
I feel like not only my kids, but probably so many kids in this crazy world, are missing out on making the kind of memories that me and my cousins made. Everybody is living life in the fast lane and it seems like we just honestly do not make enough time for life. We all need to slow down and make some time to make memories. I know that my husband I are going to start making more time and making great memories for my kids. They are honestly blessed to have such a great stepdad, and although they don't always show it, the both tell me all the time that they are glad to have him in their lives. I can assure you that this year will be a blast for them, and they will have some awesome memories of this year...even though it started off rough, 2014 will be a year they won't soon forget, if ever!!!!!


  1. I completely agree... my cousins and I made wonderful memories and in this day and age life is going to fast for kids to have real fun.. we didn't have texting and facebook we went to each others homes and played together and had real fun... our imaginations were awesome... in the blink of an eye we became superheros or race car drivers... out bikes were our vessels... great remembrance thanks for the blog

  2. I agree family is important and life is too short. My mom and her brother had a big rift way back in the 60's. It wasn't until their sister passed away three years ago that they buried the hatchet and speaking again. They are all each other have now. They can't make up for all those years of hostility between them. My mom is in her 70's and my uncle is 84.