Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Disney World

Now that I have posted about the drama part of what has been going on in my world, let me tell you about our Disney trip. The only person that did not know that we were going to Disney was Keigan. Someone had told her we were going on vacation, but they didn't tell her where, when or with who. That's fine. She thought we were going to Arkansas to see family. I woke her up at 3 in the morning and told her that someone had come into our house and they left something for her down stairs. She got up, came down stairs and found Stormy, her elf, sitting on the little table in the entryway. She had Keigan's award from school (because she would be missing the last 2 days of school) and a letter telling her that she was going to Disney World and that her Aunt Carla, Uncle Todd, and cousins Josh, Kaylee, and Jenna were going too. She was so excited. We left about an hour later, around 4 am. I had already had everybody's bags packed, loaded and ready to go.
We made it to Destin Fl around 1:30 that afternoon and we played at Henderson State Park for a few hours. It was AWESOME! Out of the way, but still awesome! We finally left there and headed on to Orlando. Not sure what time we got there, but I know it was late. We got a hotel just outside of Disney and got some rest while we waited for the rest of our party to get there which would be the next afternoon. The next morning, we drove around and then went to Downtown Disney. It's pretty cool. There was a place to eat there that I wanted to go to, but due to the extra kid we had with us, it just wasn't in the funds. It was some sort of Dinosaur place. Other than that it is mostly shopping there. We didn't buy anything. lol. Everybody had already told us that it was way cheaper to buy Disney stuff from the local Wal-Mart, but we honestly were not looking to buy anything anyway. We also noticed that there was plane flying all over Orlando pulling a banner that read "WARNING: Gay Day @ Disney June 7th"

Friday was our first day of Disney and we spent it at Epcot. I personally think it was boring for the most part and I probably would have enjoyed this park better with no kids. I would have liked to have walked around and went into the different "countries" but the kids were not into all that. lol. The coolest thing there was Test Track. You design your car and then 6 people are loaded into a car and you are off to test drive. Really cool. If you ever go, I don't think I would do a fast pass for this ride because you miss out on some things, from what I have been told. So...get there early and just wait in the line. Totally worth it.

Saturday we were off to Hollywood Studios. This probably would have been my favorite day had it not been such a shitty day. Keigan started having a serious itch attack due to being so hot and having eczema. This sent me on a wild goose chase looking for some sort of itch cream or something because she left hers at Texas. I went to about 5 different stores, nobody had anything and they finally sent me to First Aid, or tried too. It just so happen that it was Star Wars day at this park and they were about to have a parade with all the movie stars and all that shit. Not to mention there were 87 billion people there, dressed in full costume. Do you realize how many Star Wars freaks there are in this world? I damn sure didn't! Anyway, so I am trying to get to first aid and I can't because of all the parade shit that is about to take place. I try going out the way that some cast members told me to go and some security bitch would not let me, even after I explained to her 4 times what I was trying to do....and the whole time I can see the first aid station. She told me that I could not go to first aid, that I would have to wait about an hour. This sent me over the edge and I cussed her out and told her just how much of a rude fucking bitch she was and I went back to the store that told me to go and explained to them the whole thing that had just taken place, so the lady there sent 2 cast members to first aid for me, but the people in first aid said the could not send any sort of medication back with them, that we would have to come over there....By this time I am very fucking every sense of the word. It's like 300 degrees, and I am beyond pissed off. The last tells me not to worry, that she will call first aid and have them come to us. I instantly though, "Oh, thank God!" About 10 minutes later the paramedics show up with a gurney and a medical bag, and heart monitor....Ummm, really?!?! I explained to the medic what was going on that I was so sorry that they had called an ambulance out there for this, that if I had known that is what they were doing I would have just left the park and went to a Walgreen's or something. He said not to worry, it wasn't a problem at all, that they already have sub stations in the park due to the mass amounts of people there for this ignorant Star Wars shit. He said he could take me anyway that he needed in order to get us to first aid. YAY! We get over there and they give Keigan some Benadryl. This stuff usually wires my kids....Not today! With in 15 minutes Keigan was knocked out. Seriously. She was holding on to my shirt, walking behind me, sleeping. We sat down for a few minutes and she was dead to the world. We did get to ride some rides though. Tower of Terror, and Rockin Roller Coaster....bad ass rides.

Sunday we headed over to Animal Kingdom. Everybody that we had talked to before going on vacation, and even a lot of the people at other parks, said that Animal Kingdom sucks. Well, I will tell you that it DOES NOT suck. We had a blast at this park. This is where the the Mt. Everest, Kali River Rapids, the Safari, and so much more cool stuff is. The Tree of Life...AMAZING. The 4d movie "It's Tough To Be A Bug" super cute. We had been told that this park would be 20-30 degrees hotter than all the other parks, but it wasn't. It was 20-30 degrees cooler I think.

Monday was a very long day, for many reasons. Today was Magic Kingdom day. Started off that when we got out to my car to leave, it would not start. Had to use the roadside service from my insurance. Somehow the battery cable had come off the post? Anyway, got the car started and we were off. It was fucking hot! We spent a few hours at the park and then left to eat lunch and then we went back. When we went back, the daily Florida storms were rolling in. It did not stop us. We jumped on the tram and we were back at it. There is so much to see at this park. Hell, there is so much to see at all of the parks. You really need to get at each park when it opens, and try to take a day off in between each park. Don't get a park hopper because you will miss so much. There aren't a whole lot of thrill rides at each park, but there is still so much to do. The park was open until 1 am and we stayed there all night.

I don't even want to get into the whole story, but we had 5 day tickets to Disney and we wasted a whole day. We were going to go back to Hollywood Studios for the 5th day, but when we got back to the hotel at 2 am after Magic Kingdom, Dawson had a break down, tempers went crazy, and so we just decided to leave the next day, or same day, how ever you want to look at it. We left about 4 pm Tuesday and got home around 6:30 Wednesday morning. We had a great ride home, even after all the drama. I would redo the ride home a thousand times over if I could.

Side Note of things to know:
1. Although they frown upon it, you can take a small softside cooler (like the ones on wheels that you can get at Wal-Mart) with snacks and drinks.

2. If you do not want to take a cooler, take a backpack with snack and water. That is what we did, and I will tell you that we carried 32 bottles of water in the backpack each day almost and we drank every single bottle. That saved us a hundred dollars a day just on water. DISNEY DOES GIVE OUT FREE CUPS OF ICE.

3. Get the My Disney Vacation app on your phone. You can set up your fast passes with it, and it has maps of all the parks, plus will tell you wait times and everything else you need to know that is going on in the park that you are at.

4. Rides that you must ride...Tower Of Terror, Rockin Roller Coaster, Mt. Everest, Test Track, and my mind just went blank.

5. Make sure you do every 4d movie thing. They are great!

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