Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What's been going on in my world....

Okay, let me go back to May 5...I was at a softball game watching my niece play her last game of the season, when I got a phone call from another niece that lives in Austin. She said she just wanted to call and let me know what was going on with her mom (whom was my best friend for many years) and her younger sister. She said that she had been on the phone with her mom and she could hear her 15 year old sister in the background screaming and yelling and cussing out their mom and when she said something to her mom, that is when mom told her some stuff that had been going on and if anybody found out then people would go to jail. The 15 year old and the moms' boyfriend who turned 40 that day, had been having sexual relations for a while, and the mom knew...I was informed that CPS and the local authorities had been notified and they were on the case. I then contacted the Liberty County Sheriffs office to find out what was going on and that is when I was asked to come up and give a written statement as to what I was told and by who, and I was asked if I would be willing to take in any of the children in house that would be possibly removed. I agreed that I would take on 2 of the 6 kids. I know, 2 of 6 doesn't sound right, but the other 4 kids, I don't know. They are the boyfriends' kids.
Once I get out to LCSO, they have me write out my statements, they wait for the statements from Austin PD to be faxed over and they contact CPS and let them know that there is a family member there that is willing to take on the moms' 2 kids if need be. The LCSO runs the name of the mom and finds out that she has a warrant and so then they decided they would go out to the house right then. By this time it is like 11 at night. They go in and arrest the mom and only one of her children is there, and the other one is at his Nana's house. They take the 15 year old into custody as well and bring her and her mom to the jail, where the mom is booked, and the child is released into my protective custody by CPS. The boyfriend still has no clue as to what is going on. He has no clue of the allegations made against him.
All of this takes place on a Monday. By Friday I still have no real word as to what is going on, and I am told that I need to come up to the jail and get a power of attorney for the child so that I will be able to get her back in school seeing how I live nowhere close to where she was going to school. So I do that and then I had to go withdrawal her from school and then got her enrolled in the school over here. She started the following Monday since it was late on Friday when they got everything done.
Tuesday I had to have her back in Dayton for a forensics interview and then it was back to just a normal life pretty much. The mom was sentenced to like 36 days in jail or something for the warrant on a probation violation.
We did the best we could to adjust to a new child being in our house. We got her a cell phone since both of my kids have phones. We tried to make her feel just like one my kids. She had strict rules with her phone, but the same rules as my kids. No passwords on anything without me knowing. No clearing the texts or call history and I have all the log-in info for any and all social media. She was to have no contact with anybody from Dayton other than her Nana, and if and when her mom got out of jail, she could talk to her from my phone and that was it.
Well, mom got out of jail a few days sooner than expected and after being out for 24 hours she finally called me. We talked for 2 hours and then she talked to her daughter....for 10 minutes and had to go because her boyfriend was calling. The same boyfriend who has been getting blowjobs from her 15 year old daughter for who knows how long, and she knows about it...yeah, she is staying with him and he is still oblivious as to anything that is going on. FUCKING IDIOT! Whatever...a couple of days goes by and the child asks me if she can call or text her mom from her phone and I told her no, that she could call her mom from my phone. She never did.
June 4, 2014 we left for a surprise Disney vacation. The 2 older kids knew about it, but my youngest didn't. By this time I guess it's going on almost a week since I have talked to the mom. Just the one phone call, 24 hours after she got out of jail...with each passing day I am getting more and more pissed off. I have this poor child (so I am thinking) asking me daily if I have heard from her mom, that she misses her mom and she doesn't know why her mom isn't contacting any of us...
Well, we go to Disney, which I had bought our tickets back in March, so obviously I did not have tickets for her...we get her tickets (thanks to my sister-in-law and brother-in-law) and we spend a day in each of the 4 main Disney parks. Having an extra kids with us at the last minute caused us not to be able to do everything that we wanted to do, which I won't go into all of that, but....We had 5 day passes, but we decided to come home a couple of days early so my husband could get back to work since he doesn't get vacation. If he doesn't work he just doesn't get paid.
We got home about 6:30 in the morning on a Wednesday and that afternoon the child went to stay a couple of nights with her Nana. When I dropped her off with her, I found out some stuff. Found out that she had been talking to everybody she was told NOT to talk to. I took her phone away and told her she would never get it back. She said she just misses everybody, especially her mom and little brother and she just wants to be with her mom, but that she knows that probably is not an option, but that she doesn't want to stay at my house. That was all I needed to hear. I am not about to try to make her stay somewhere she doesn't want to be. Yes,  I have power of attorney, but I have zero legal rights to her and can not stop her from leaving. Plus I know how she is. When she gets pissed off, she likes to put her hands on people and they will not fly in my house. I will beat her ass like a grown woman. Period. So if I were to make her stay here it would only be a matter of time until she blew up and I would probably end up in jail....injury to a child or some shit.
All I can say is, she got a free trip to Disney World, took joy from my kids first ever Disney trip and is back home with the sick motherfucker who is molesting her! She knows that coming back into my home is NOT an option anymore.


  1. You my friend have a huge heart...

  2. I agree with Gena!! Does CPS know she is back over there?

  3. No, CPS has not been notified that I know of. I really don't see what they would care seeing how they placed 6 kids in 2 different homes and they don't stay with the "foster" families. I'm so over all of this shit.