Thursday, October 18, 2012


So, I have talked about going back to work at the daycare/church/private school, but I am not sure if I have mentioned anything about some of the new people there. I will not go into great detail, simply because I don't really know any details, but either way...there is a new girl that works with the toddlers. NOBODY and I mean NOBODY likes this girl. She has serious issues and claims that she is licensed by the state! Supposedly has a degree in child care or whatever it is called. She is fucking stupid, not the brightest crayon in the box. We work in a secure building and in the not so good part of town. She has supposedly just left her husband who would beat her daily and is now trying to kill her. She also gave this same man, the one that she fears for her life from, her code to get in the building! HELLO, are you really that ignorant? I do not know what all went on, but I do know that the cops were called and when I walked outside to go take lunch to one of the other centers, there were 15 cop cars circling the church. When I got back, this bitch was still there! I don't know what is worse, her giving him access to the building (that is full of children) or the director not firing her ass right then and there!?!?!? I will give them about a week to fire this idiot or I will not be returning. This woman has made what should be a safe place, a potentially dangerous place. I am not trying to get killed, just trying to make a couple of dollars working part-time. lol

I was going to write more, but I am sleepy now and I think I will go to bed.


  1. Wow, that's pretty messed up! I'd think she's be fired on the spot for giving unauthorized personnel access to a secure area! Stay safe!
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    1. Wow, thanks for following! I have followed your blog for a while and I enjoy it.

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