Thursday, June 7, 2012

Just not feeling it....

I have so much shit I need to be doing, and yet I simply don't feel like doing any of it. Being the responsible adult (haha) that I am though, I have managed to wash all of the dishes, take the stove apart, and clean it. The little "burner liners" are soaking, trying to get some of that "oh-shit-it's-boiling-over-oh-well-I'll-clean-it-up-later-but-forgot-and-now-every-time-you-cook-the-burner-smokes-and-sometimes-even-catches-on-fire" shit out of them. Yes, I am aware that is horribly disgusting, but in my defense, I am not the only one that cooks, but I am usually the only one that cleans the stove, and with all my other stuff that I should be doing, but usually don't get done because I am usually sitting on my big fat ass, in front of this damn life sucking computer. Anyway, back to my accomplishments of the day...(with the help of K) the carpet has been vacuumed, trash picked up, counters cleaned, both kids bedrooms cleaned, and I have slowly been working on the laundry. No, that's a lie. I haven't done any laundry today.

The hubs worked until midnight last night, and then had to get back up at 5:30 this morning be back at work. He just got home. Worked until 3, but gets paid until 5. Yay for that! I went on a job interview this past Monday, and it went pretty good. The strangest interview I think I have ever been on, but all in all it was still pretty good. I have not heard anything back from them yet, but I don't really expect to until maybe next week. Even then, I think it will be for what the call a "working" interview. Work for them a week and see if they like me kinda thing. We shall see. I need a job. I want a job, but to be honest, I have mixed feelings about this particular one. It's a long story, and whole different posting in its self. Maybe one day I will post about it. In the mean time, I am really giving serious thought to taking some classes at the local community college. We refer to it as Harvard On The Hill, or Pelly Tech. I would like to take the phlebotomy course, and the pharmacy tech course, and at some point, some photography classes, and editing classes. Seems like a lot when I put in writing. Hmm.

Keep On Keepin On


  1. A note on photo editing...what are you using? There is a series of books called "Classroom in a Book" that may have one on your editing program. I recommend photoshop, but that's because I use it. When I took graphic design classes in college, we actually used parts of Classroom in a Book for a couple of the programs we used. The ones for Photoshop and Illustrator are great. They start very basic and instructions are very easy to follow. I taught myself Illustrator using the book instead of a class. Much cheaper than a college class and can get you started. Then you can decide if you want to take a class or not. Many of the photographers I know are self taught! We take pride in that s**t!

  2. The editing, really, to me, at this point, isn't really that big of deal. I would really just like to take a photography class. Learn more about my camera, and the basics. My new computer came with photoshop elements 9. I'm an idiot and don't really get it, and also because I am an idiot, I could not figure out for the life of me, how to save the edited photo to my computer. I am positive that is just stupidity on my part. lol. What stuff I have done to some of my pictures has been done with picasa. Nothing special. I think at some point I will break down and buy the actual photoshop program, but as of now, I have not done it.

    1. Not all of the programs are intuitive, so don't think of yourself as an idiot. If picasa works for you and you like the way they come out, then you've got yourself a winner. I don't know much about elements, but I think it's a more basic version of it has some features, but not all. Not sure. You would probably really like the Classroom in a Book series. They basically assume that the reader knows absolutely nothing about the program, so they start to open, save, close, etc. Oh, and Brandon said to tell you that many photographers look down on those of us with a degree and he's right. It's kind of a "I didn't need a degree to do this, so how dumb are you to need it?" kind of thing. lol. You should look into the continuing ed classes at the community college. They would probably have a beginner class for a reasonable price.