Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Who allows their CHILD to be 17 and living under a bridge?

Ugh. I am beyond fucking disgusted! I have a friend, who's name I will not mention, has allowed her 17 year old daughter to go live under a bridge, with her boyfriend, at least until the 1st of July!?!? The following is a history of said friend.

I met this girl in 1992 when I was forced to move from my hometown and go to a new school. She thought I was weird (which I probably was) but after a day or so, we became best friends. She was a senior, I a freshman. She had a boyfriend who was (and probably for the most part still is) an idiot looser. This guy was way older than she was, had a criminal record a mile long, had no real job, no desire to have a real job, was controlling, and wasn't even a little bit good looking! Her mother did not like this boyfriend at all, and to be honest with you, nobody really did. He was dragging her down. She wanted to go to college and become a nurse, and make something of her life. She was the only one of 4 kids to graduate high school. Instead, this is what happen. She wasn't "allowed" to go to her senior prom, because the boyfriend was in jail (for the umptenth time) and was not having any part of her going. Shortly after graduation the boyfriend was let out of the county jail (after I can't remember how long) and she soon became pregnant. She applied for government assistance, and started her life of sorrow, regret, or whatever you want to call it. The boyfriend would not maintain any kind of real work. He demolished her car, which left her pregnant, and in search of a job, and therefore walking anywhere she needed to go. He would go out and cheat on her, and hit her, and was in and out of jail.
When the baby was 3 months old, my friends mom had had enough of all the bullshit, and for selfish reasons, called and had the boyfriend arrested on probation violations. He was sentenced to 20 years in the Texas Department of Corrections. For a couple of years my friend was "hopelessly devoted" to this fucktard.
After I quit high school myself, I went and got a job and was working and helping her take care of her baby. Meaning, I would buy stuff for the baby that she could not afford. Her and the baby were welcomed into my family. My mom did the same stuff for the two of them, that she did for me.
Then one day my friend and I went to a carnival looking for another friend from high school that supposedly had married into the family (owners) of the carnival. Well, we did not find that old friend right off the bat, but my friend started talking to one of the ride guys, and by the time that carnival left town, she was going with them! By this time, the child was now 3, and had been put on Ritalin for ADD (because basically she was a 2, almost 3 year old and had no discipline) Soon after she hit the road with the carnival, I would go and pick up the kid so that I could know she was being taken care of properly. They were sleeping in a big truck (that pulled the ride that  the new boyfriend operated) or they would sleep in carnival rides, ticket booths, game trailers, and every once in a while, motels. This is no life for a child! Damn sure not a child who supposedly has medical needs, and has to be seen by a doctor and psychiatrist every month! Anyway, I would pick the child up for weeks at a time, and would never hear from my friend until they were getting closer to town and she would want me to bring the child to her. This went on for I guess a year, maybe a little longer.
She ended up pregnant again, lost that baby, and then ended up pregnant again. She went through at least half of her pregnancy without being seen by a doctor, and then one night they (her and the boyfriend) decided to come home, like nothing. Fast forward a few years, I got married and had a baby of my own, she marries the carnival guy (after they have the new baby, and she is pregnant with a 3rd child) and the pattern is the same as with the first childs father, with the exception that this new guy, her husband, would work! He always worked. Seldom without a job, and they had their own place, but from time to time would live with her mom and stepdad. He smoked pot, was known to smoke crack, and he too had a criminal record. He cheated on her and actually had a child with another woman, around the same time that the 3rd child was born. Talk about Jerry Springer! But, he worked and help take care of the kids!
Fast forward a few more years,  I don't remember the reason, other than my friend and her mom simply could not handle the first born child, and she got in the way of the two new kids (because her, the husband and the 2 new kids were a family, but the first born child's father was still in prison) anyway, the first born came to live with me and my now 2 kids. My friend was just about to sign over guardianship to me, and I was going to raise the child. My friends mom became mad at something, and so they jerked the girl out of my home, and then shortly after that, my friend and all 3 of her kids came to live with me for a couple of years. All this time, my friend has been government assistance, (since she became pregnant with the first child, but she did lose her benefits while she was out with the carnival) and now the oldest was I think 11 or 12. I don't remember. After they moved out of my house, she moved in to public housing, and was working, trying to take care of her kids the best she could. Her dad had died some years before, her mom had moved to Alabama, and her brother and sisters all lived far away. She had nobody at this time. She and I were no longer friends at this point. In the next few years would only talk to each other here and there. I talked to her when her mom died, and she came to my moms funeral some months later. She was with some young, punk, piece of shit, control freak at the time I was going through a divorce, and he did not like me, so she was not allowed to talk to me much, unless they needed something of course.
Fast forward again, to the present....my friend met some guy at a motel (that she was forced to move to because her kids keep getting her kicked out of everywhere she lives) and they immediatly got a place of their own. He is an alcoholic, and doesn't like her kids. They split up for a while. He had the lights shut off at the trailer they were living in, which left her with 3 kids with no lights. No way to wash  them clothes for school, or anything. Yet now she has decided she wants to be with him now and they are back together but she has kicked the older daughter out, (which by this time is 17 and knows everything and was allowed to drop out of high school 4 weeks before she graduated) and she is living under a bridge with her boyfriend. The middle child went far away to her aunts house, and the youngest with the new boyfriend's WIFE and their kids!

What the fuck is wrong with people?!?!?!

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