Friday, June 29, 2012


Dawson had his first All Star game yesterday and it did not turn out so well. They were run ruled in the 4th inning with a score of 11-1. It did not take long for the sadness to set in. He told me on our way home that it was his fault the they lost seeing how he missed a play. My reply to that was "Hellllllo, you missed one play, they were already 10 runs a head of yall, and with nobody on your team hitting the ball really, there was no way in hell that you would have ever caught up with the other team." You would have thought that I just kicked him in the knee, with the way that he looked at me when I said that. Oh well. The All Stars is a double elimination and so they play again tonight and if they do not win, then they are finished. I am praying these boys bring their game tonight and win.

After the game the kids will go to their dads house for the weekend, and I am not real sure what we will be doing. Talked about going to some place called Katz Deli, but seeing that the game is at 8, and could possibly take 2 hours to play, and this deli place is in Houston, I don't know if we will really be going there or not.

We have also talked about going to the beach. Well, me and Cindy have. Not sure if Bob and Ronnie are on board with that or not. lol. I do know that we need to not be spending too much money, as I just booked our first family vacation....that means without any grownups. lol. I am excited about this and can not wait. We only have a couple of weeks until the adventure begins. YAY.

I haven't really taken any pictures since my class the other day, other than a few yesterday of Dawson in his All Star uniform, and I really would like to. The problem is that my own kids are not very photogenic, and it drives me insane. Keigan tries to be. She tries to pose herself in all these silly little poses. It's cute, but it does not make for good pictures. lol. As soon as either one of my kids see a camera pointed in their direction, they either start making silly faces, or they get these really fake, cheesy smiles. Ugh. Goofballs I tell ya. Since I took my class on Monday, I have had 17 people ask me about taking pictures, but nobody has set up a time yet. In the mean time I have tried to come up with some packages kind of, seeing as people are asking me about that, but of course, I have not had any real luck. Well, I kind of have, but I just keep talking myself down, and basically trying to sale my self short. "Oh my pictures and time are not worth that" kind of stuff. We are our toughest critics.

When we take out little vacation, I will try to take some pictures of the kids. I hope they work with me!

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  1. For me it was hard to know what to say when it came to sports, especially when they lost, so I just started tellin them how much their skills have improved. It's weird for me to pray they win, but I have. Last season my son's La Crosse team lost every game and I found myself praying during the last one. Didn't help. I wish I were a better sports mom, but I suck. Half the time I'm covering my eyes while they're hitting each other with La Crosse sticks. Soccer and baseball were easier on my eyes.