Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A new blog

So after much though, I have decided to make a new blog. I don't really know my reasoning behind this, but whatever. I may still try to keep up with BOTH, but I am not going to promise anything.

Yesterday (Tuesday) was the last day of school for the kiddos. D will be going to the 7th grade (I'm pretty sure anyway) and K will be going to the 4th grade. They sure do grow up fast. Wonder were the time has gone? Hmm. Oh well. Guess we can't dwell on it. It is was it is....LIFE.

Today marks 4 years since my mom passed away. She wanted nothing more than to see K start Kindergarten, but sadly she missed it by a couple of months. She would be so proud of both kids. D takes all Pre-AP classes and is in the GATE program. Gifted And Talented Education. K...she could give a shit less about being in all of that extra stuff, but she still makes good grades. I hope she keeps that up. She is so much like me, it is scary, but I hope she always puts school first and does her best.

If you follow on my other blog, please follow here too. Like I said, I will try to keep up with both, but I can't promise anything. A lot has taken place in the last month, and I have not posted about any of it. I will start now.

Memorial weekend we went camping. We had a good time and was surrounded by family. Wish we did that more often. I have such great memories of doing stuff like that as a child, and I just feel like my kids are missing out. Both kids were grounded, so of course we had to hear some whining when all the other kids were riding 4 wheelers, but it wasn't too bad. The worst part was just the crappy attitude that D has about just about anything you tell him. I have come to the conclusion that I do not like 12 year old boys, and there should be some kind of free boot camp school that you can send them. Ugh. It comes and goes though. He is a whole different post. K whined a little, but not too much. She found a way to occupy her time. We were in Moscow at Pops place and he has ponds. He is in the process of redoing the biggest of them, and it was empty and lined with a couple of old swimming pools. Do you see where this is going? Yeah, the girls decided to make a slip-n-slide in the pond. They had a ball.

We came home from camping on Sunday, and started getting the house back in order. Monday we sold the Hubs' truck and went looking for an old clunker for the Hubs to drive to and from work. Well, needless to say all of the clunker lots were closed for the holiday, and the Hubs is a persistent man, so we went to the bigger places. I guess it was a moment of "what if tomorrow never comes, and I will have had this money and did nothing with it" kind of things. I don't know. Anyway, we ended up getting a Ford Edge, and so now he drives the car, and I drive the SUV. I absolutely LOVE it! It is not a brand new car, and I am good with that. The best part about buying it, and it being used, is that for some reason the dealer left all the paper work from the previous owner/driver in the car. I was able to get in touch with her and get the code to the key less entry pad. Yay. Otherwise it is like $150 dollars to go the dealership and get the code. Isn't that a bit ridiculous?

This past weekend we went to Galveston. First time I have been down there and actually played in the nasty water in probably 15 years. We went with some great friends, and had a great time. It was an all day event, as we had plans to leave the house by 8. That did not happen, but it doesn't matter. We still got there by noon and we did not leave until dark, and like I said, we had a great time. If it doesn't rain this weekend we will be back at the beach Saturday. I'm pretty sure anyway.

I got a text from D's baseball coach last night asking if he would like to play in the All-Stars. Of course he wants to play! They were going to have practice today, but per Little League rules, they are not allowed to practice more than 2 weeks before the first game. Stupid! They want D to work on playing 1st base instead of 3rd, which is where he played during the regular season. We shall see how this all works out.

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