Tuesday, August 28, 2012

And so it begins

So, as you know, we have been looking for a new place to live so that we could get the hell out of this trailer hood, and we have now signed the lease and everything is a go. We are moving this week. School started today. I still have to pack this whole house....needless to say, I have been busy, and will be busy at least for a week.

Since school started today, and we will be moving Friday, I did not want the kids to start school in the current schools they have been attending since January, so I went ahead and withdrew them today, and then enrolled them in their new schools. Such a pain in the ass. The withdrawal process anyway. Well, for the youngest. I went to her school first since they start earlier than the Jr High. I wait in a long line, just like everybody else. When I finally make it to the office there are about 50 people in there. I continue to wait, then I get to sign in and tell them what I need and then it is waiting again. Now, I hate to turn things into a race issue, but let me tell you, my two kids and myself are the only white people in a office that has at the very least 50 people in, and more are coming in by the second. All of the office workers are also Hispanic. Normally this would not bother me, but this morning it did. Only after I told them why I was there and also asked a question about the school. After that, EVERYBODY in the place started speaking nothing but Spanish and looking at me and my kids like we were from outterspace. Oh how I wish I was making this up. I could actually tell you more things that make me thing that this school makes things more of race issues, but is it really worth it? Probably not, so I will just continue. After about 25 minutes, and other people coming in behind me and getting helped before me, I start questioning again and this is when I was told (in these exact words) "You and you child are of no importance to us right now, as you are leaving this district,"
Umm, can we say INSTANT BITCH? Yes, I immediately turned into a bitch. I think my head even spun in a complete circle, and by the time I was done in there, I was honestly surprised that I did not end up getting my ass whooped, as I did say some pretty harsh things, and unfortunately one thing was a racial slur. Oh well though. I was very pissed off and I had had enough of the bullshit when they refused to withdrawal my daughter. The very last thing I said before leaving was "me and my kids are just as important as everybody else in this office, and I have waited my turn just like most everybody else in here, you ignorant bitch!!"

I left that school and I was fuming mad when I made it to the Jr High. I get in the Jr High and they tell me that I will have to wait until 8, which is when the lady gets there that does all of the withdrawal crap. No problem. Everything went smoothly at that school, and I was so glad. The only issue was the schools air conditioner was out, so it was hot has Hattie's in there.

Now we are off and running. We go to the city department and pay the deposit on the water so that I have something to show the schools, other than the lease agreement, and then we are off to the schools.

We make it to Keigan's new school first. These people in this school could not have been nicer. Not just to me, but every little person that walked into that office this morning was greeted by name and very enthusiastically. Everything went great......until they said she could stay for the day and took her to her classroom. Ugh. I knew she was going to cry, and I probably should have just left at this time, but I didn't. I walked with her and the lady to her new classroom to meet her new teacher at a her new school. No tears yet, so I am thinking "okay, maybe she is not going to cry" and boy was I wrong. We stood in the hall for a minute talking to the teacher and when the teacher said something about being excited and having fun, Keigan instantly started crying. I tried to walk her up to the door and the teacher was holding her hand. Keigan is pulling one way, the teacher pulling the other, and me pushing in the same direction that teacher is pulling, and this child is not moving. There is no way in hell that she is going in that classroom. Of course I start crying. No mommy wants to see their child being that scared, knowing there is nothing that I could say or do, other than let her leave with me, which I was not about to do, I finally just said "I love you, I am leaving, and I will pick you up as soon as school is over, see ya later" and Dawson and I walked off. I hated the filling that I had inside, knowing she was probably wondering why I would do that to her. She was probably calling me a bitch in her head. I have no doubt about that. I knew though, that at the end of the day when I picked her up she would be all smiles and will have had a good time. I was right!

After my dramatic and somewhat traumatic ordeal with Keigan, I now had to take my oldest to his new Jr High. No issues here. Everybody was friendly, but they did not keep the boy today! Ugh. Lol. Oh well. He will get a fresh start tomorrow.

After this long day I came home after picking Keigan up and I ended up falling asleep. I was fighting it. I knew if I went to sleep that I would be up all night. Guess what...It is 2:24am now. Yeah. The Hubs let me sleep until 10:30 tonight and then woke me up. I let him know right quick that if would have just let me keep sleeping that I probably would have slept all night long!!!

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