Saturday, August 4, 2012

I am such a dork

The kids are at their dad house this weekend and so the Hubs and I went to dinner with some friends. After that we had to run to the store for toilet paper. No big deal. Well, that toilet paper was to the tune of almost $60 bucks! Yeah...The Hubs decided that since I have not been reading on my kindle fire (because I have read everything on there already) that I needed to get some books and he knows I will not buy them direct because of course I do not like to spend money on myself and plus it comes right out of the bank. Still doesn't make any sense does it?
Well, I just happened to have some cash from doing hair the other day and that is what he used to buy me the $50 dollar amazon card, which technically it did not come out of the bank, so whatever.
Anyhow, we get home, I activate the card and instead of getting good books to read, I spent almost all of my money on photography books. How to, for dummy kind of books. How freaking boring is that?

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