Monday, August 13, 2012

Guess I need to be looking for boxes

Well, I guess the Hubs has finally had enough of living in the Ghetto Trailer Hood! As much as I absolutely HATE moving, I am super excited about getting the hell outta here. As much as I would rather buy a house (to keep from moving again) I do not know if that is going to be possible at this time. Once the Hubs mind is made up, it is time to get on with the program. We shall see how it goes. In the mean time I will look for both rent HOUSES and I will be trying to find out exactly what we need to do in order to buy a home.

We are suppose to be buying this hell hole, but after complaining to the office about the neighbors and the way they are, and offering to let go all of the money that we put down, and trying to switch to a renters lease and them telling us absolutely not, and not doing shit about the horrible neighbors, things have quickly progressed and our minds are made up.

The other night while Hubs was at work I happen to catch a glimpse of the back of our trailer....Ugh. Fucking disrespectful bastards! They have completely torn up the whole back side. They have a picnic table up against our house where they sit out there and drink and play loud music and beat on the house. They also have their BBQ pit up against our house! Hello, this is a trailer, in a trailer will only take a matter of minutes for this place to burn to the damn ground!

On to other news...I got a new puppy today. She is a 3 month old yellow lab. She is full blooded, and she was FREE! YAY! I am in love with this silly puppy, but I would be lying if I said I have not asked myself a hundred times already "What the hell are you thinking? Puppies eat everything in their path, and they tend to be hard headed when it comes to potty training." So far she has done really well. She did have 2 little pee accidents, but that is it. She has never really been on a leash to be walked, but she does really good considering today was her first day. And of course, because of my new obsession with Sons Of Anarchy, her name is GEMMA. I couldn't name her Tara, well, I guess I could have, but that is MY name and I did not want my dog to have the same name as me. lol. The Hubs LOVES her, but so far is refusing to call her Gemma. lol. He calls her Roofus. If this puppy would have been a boy, I probably would have named him Jax or Opie.

Well, I guess that is about all for now. I will post some pictures sometime soon.


  1. Just be cool, there are neighbors like that. I'm excited to see those pictures especially if there's a pic of your puppy.

  2. OMG!!!! That's exciting. I'm happy you're moving. What kind of puppy did you get?

  3. Not sure if you would want to move to Pearland but there is a house tor sale bmnext door to me. I definitely needs some work, new carpets and such but the last I checked they had it listed really low

  4. Pearland is too far. We want to stay close to Bobs work, and seeing that he works at the Port of Houston, that would be a pretty long drive. I am looking in Deer Park and I have an appointment to go look at a house tomorrow, so we shall see how it goes.

  5. I just love reading your blog, So I have nominated you for a liebster award. x

    check it out.

  6. That is good news. I can sense your overwhelming joy at leaving the trailer park behind. I know I was excited when we made that same decision. :) Congrats on the new pup also. Enjoyed reading your posting!