Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Have I mentioned......

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate living where we live? What about how much I hate looking for a new place to live? Yeah, well, I am doing so now. However, we may have found a house today! I am trying not to get excited about it, but I should know something tomorrow. Keep yalls fingers crossed!

While out driving around today killing time until our appointment to go look at a house we came across a nice house and called about it. There was no answer of course, so I left a message and the owner (a very old man) called me back this evening while we were out to dinner with family.
He asked me what I was looking for and I told him. Mind you, this a good size, older, but nice home. Exactly what we are looking for. He asks me why I am wanting a 3 bedroom? Umm, so I can grow some hydroponic marijuana in one room and run a child porn shop of the other, while me and my 6 husbands sleep in the master? No, I did not say that, but something along those lines crossed my mind in a flash. When I did tell him I had 2 kids his reply was "absolutely NO kids, and NO pets" and hung up the fucking phone! Hmm. Okay ASSHOLE, thanks anyway.

I can totally understand the whole no pets things. I get it, honestly, but is there any reason to be so hateful about it? Not to mention, hello, it is a 3 bedroom house...of course people with kids are going to be interested in the fucking house! Now that I am sitting here thinking about it, I may call the man back tomorrow and inform him that he could probably cut back on the unnecessary phone calls if he would list this shit on the huge homemade rent sign he has in the yard! "DO NOT CALL ME ABOUT THIS HOUSE IF YOU HAVE KIDS AND/OR PETS!" Jerkface.

Anyway, I will just keep my fingers crossed that we get the house we went and looked at today and this dreaded house hunt will be over....and I will be one block away from one of my bestest friends!!!


  1. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you too!!! The hunt always sucks!!

  2. What an asshole! He probably won't post that on a sign because he knows it is discrimination to turn away someone just because they have kids. Hope the hunt ends soon!
    (new follower here from TGIF blog hop!)
    angela @