Wednesday, August 1, 2012

National Chick-Fil-A day? Give me a break!

Apparently now that Chick-Fil-A is the talk of the nation, for something that the current CEO recently stated in an interview (we will get to that in a minute) the fast food chain has declared today, August 1st as "Chick-Fil-A Day" and I think it was a great business call. I mean hell, I know it has been on every news station in America and then some, pictures of CFA's all over the place, packed to the gills. People waiting in lines for HOURS...all for what is a very over priced chicken sandwich and some waffle fries, in my opinion.

Now, after doing some searching, I know that Dan Cathy did not say anything in a derogatory manner, nor did he discriminate against gays or lesbians, or say that they were not allowed to work for the company, so I am still boggled as to why this has become such a fucking issue, but it has, and here we are. Everybody putting  their 2 cents in, and so here is mine.

When I logged into FaceBook this morning I had about 8 friends who had the exact same thing posted. It read ""Everyone remember today is National Chick-fil-a appreciation day! No, it’s not a public holiday but for many Americans it is a religious holiday. Lets support the company “whose executives are willing to take a stand for Godly values.” He wants people to celebrate those values “by simply showing up and eating” at the fast food restaurant. NO SAME SEX MARRIAGES!"

First of all, I guess you could say I am "pro-rights"? If that is even such a thing. I usually try to stay out of political talk, and I could not tell you the difference between democrat and republican, but I know that I share some of the same thoughts of both political parties, I am sure. When I say pro rights I mean, I think that every AMERICAN CITIZEN should be allowed to love who they want, marry who they want, as long as both parties are of legal age, and they should be allowed the exact same marital rights as what society has deemed a traditional marriage.

For what it is worth, I feel the same way about abortion. If a woman wants to have an abortion, so be it. That should be her choice. It is ultimately something that SHE has to live with for the rest of her life. Not the rest of us. Trust me, I am 34, and I have friends who have had abortions, and though I do not agree with abortions and I would never have one, I remained friends with these women, all of whom I am friends with today, and I have never condemned  them for their choice, yet I know that it something that each of them have to deal with on a daily basis, and something that most of them think about quite often, if not daily.

This is suppose to be a FREE country. Thanks to our MILITARY for gaining and keeping that for us. We should be able to make our own choices and not be judged. It is mind blowing that the very people that scream for tolerance seem to be intolerant of anyone who does not share the same point of view.

Back to the issue at hand, I have had a lot of flack on my FaceBook today over a post that I made about all the post that I was seeing. I was not bashing anybody in anyway, but I very nicely said that I was sick of it (so this will be my last posting on the subject) to shut the fuck up already. Only I put it STFU. That was nice, for me. I am a firm believer that when you post anything on a public forum, then you need to be ready for all the flack that you may receive. Don't think that everybody is going to share your same opinions and have the same thoughts as you and agree with you. Of course, most people know that and that is the very reason they post half of the shit they do, so that they can get a lot of traffic on their page. That is my opinion.

I will tell you that I am NOT involved in any organized religion groups, but I do believe in God, and heaven and Hell and the devil. But I also have my own opinions and I am skeptical about things. That is human nature people. I have heard preachers preach about Heaven and how your loved ones will be waiting for you on the other side, (which I hope is true because I miss my mom and pawpaw immensely) but does  anybody really know? The Bible has different versions. If there is but to be 1 God, how can there be so many different versions of His word?

I have also heard preachers preach that our loved ones will NOT be waiting for us on the other side, again, who really knows?

A while back I went to a Catholic funeral and there were "cheat sheets" of what the congregation was to repeat and when and whatever all they do...Why? because it has been discovered that somehow, over all these millions of years, things have changed? Go figure. I am not bashing this religion, just pointing out the FACT that NOBODY really knows what the hell was going on way back when. Not one single person on this planet today can trace back their family roots to the day that Jesus was born and the world evolved. NOBODY can say "my aunt was related to Mary because of my fathers uncles sister, cousins brother twice removed aunts fathers mothers mothers mother" NOBODY!

With all of that being said, Yes, I have spent time in church. A lot of time actually. As a child and young teen I would go to church with my neighbors. We went to what is probably now the largest televised church ever. Lakewood. I love it. I would not mind getting into church now, and having my kids experience it, but I also feel like I do not have to go to church to be a Christian. Though I have never read the bible from cover to cover, I am not totally stupid and oblivious to what it says.

People have told me to read I Corinthians 6:9-11 and said "See, the Bible says that homosexuals will NOT be welcomed into the Kingdom of God." I guess that is the perfect time  to point out that that also means:
  • The sexually immoral. Those that have or do watch porn or have sex before marriage. 
  • Adulters. For those of you who do not know or want to look it up, Matthew 5:27-28 says "27. You have heard it said 'you shall not commit adultery' 28.But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart"
  • Thieves
  • Greedy people. (and we all know people who are greedy)
  • Drunkards. Christians watch football too. Tailgating season is going to be here before you know it. 
  • Slanderers. I am doomed, along with millions of others on FaceBook, blogging sites, and even womens Bible study groups.

After putting it into this perspective, I would  say we all are pretty much screwed according to the Bible.

I am done with my rant about CFA. I think I have only been to a CFA twice. I am not a big fan, but it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the beliefs of the current CEO. I have the same beliefs, but I have also expanded my beliefs.
Not to mention, if I was a fan, I damn sure would not have been eating at one today. Some people are just so ignorant to fall into something that they are not going to benefit from any more than a fully belly from over priced food that is ultimately going to end up in the sewer.


  1. This is my new favorite! Nicely done.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!! Thank you for sharing!!

  3. Word. Everything u stated was great and true except one major flaw. Just letting ya know. Chick-fil-A did NOT start or stat thay Wed Aug 1st was Chick-fil-A appreciation day, Mike Huckabee former Governor of Arkansas did and asked people to attend. (Google it),0,7790469.story or follow that link. Other than THAT your blog was AWESOME.

  4. Thanks everybody, and Keith, thanks for letting me know. I did not know that, but to be honest with you, I still think that it was a ploy to get more business. lol.

  5. Love it and agree with everything said here. Sadly though, I know for sure now that I am going to hell, but that's OK because most of the population will be there with me and I am sure all my friends will be there. Great post.