Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Here it is, 3am and I am still wide awake. Just got out of the shower actually. The Hubs is at work, one child in bed and the other with their dad and here I sit. Ugh. I could scream at the top of my lungs, but then what would that do? It damn sure isn't going to make me sleepy.
School is starting in about a month so I need to get back into a school night sleeping habit, and I need to do it soon. I need to start getting the kids back into the school routine too. That will be fun.
Speaking of school...I need to start school shopping. I think I will start buying school supplies with then next couple of weeks, and then clothes will soon follow. Thankfully the kids do not have a uniform dress code this year, so it will be easier to shop for them. Everybody and their brother will not be looking for the same solid color shirts.
The uniform doesn't bother me, but if they are not going to let the kids where "normal" clothes then they need to make them wear true uniforms. Every child should have to wear the exact same pants/shorts/skirts, shirts, socks and shoes.
Anyway, I guess I will get off of here and try to go lay down and go to sleep....


  1. Night night. I saw the school supplies out already at Target and I'm thinking this year that I will break down and buy early to avoid the August frenzy. I'm your newest follower, tattooed white trailer trash! Love the blog title. ;) Get some sleep, and when you wake up all refreshed, I hope you'll hop on over and visit me on my humble blog. C'mon over, I'll mix you a cocktail and we'll hang.

  2. I've never had kiddos in uniform. Blessing and curse depending on their age. We've always made sure that the oldest had a few of the key "popular" things in his wardrobe as far as brands go, and I mean a few... everything else is normal and generic. It made him feel better and like he fit in a little more, and we don't mind spending a little extra for a few things his peers might be wearing.

    Stalking you now! Thanks for replying on my blog. Love this and you rock!

  3. Thanks you guys, and I do follow both you!

  4. My olsest just graduated HS and the baby is 18 months old and just started day care....every week I get corrective action notes of something i fprgot. I think they make this crud up to get under my skin

  5. LMAO! I agree with you. I have seen first hand where some students are allowed to wear something and then another student have on the exact same thing and get in trouble for it. Ugh.