Monday, July 16, 2012


So for like the last couple of months I seem to have been having a serious case of insomnia. I hate it! The sun is usually coming up before I am able to get any sleep, and then of course, there is too much shit that needs to be done, which I guess I could have been doing while I was unable to sleep during the night, but I didn't. The whole time we were on vacation it was the same way. I was still awake when the sun was coming up and then I would be getting right back up to go have fun...the cycle seems never ending.
Last night was probably the first night I was asleep before 5am in a very long time. I think it was maybe about 2:30 when I fell asleep, and I slept until after 8:30! I slept good too, or so I thought. I have been sleeping off and on all day long. Now I probably will not be able to sleep tonight. Go figure.
I guess tonight if I am unable to sleep I will do some cleaning. Wash some dishes and clean out melted Popsicles and ice cream out of the freezer. Ugh. because I am an idiot sometimes, I forgot to mail off the light bill and so when we got home at 2:30 Sunday morning we had NO power. I called the automatic payment number, made the payment by phone and then we left and went to some family members house. I was pissed, but I could not pissed at anybody but myself. Although it was a simple mistake, it was still my fault and it ended up costing more than just the light bill. I am guessing that the power was shut off Wednesday (the same day we left) because everything in the fridge was hot, therefore it was all a loss. I did not think to check the deep freezer, but I am sure that was all a loss too. When we got back to the house Sunday afternoon the power was on, and had apparently been on for a while because everything in the freezers was already frozen again.

Anyway, on a different note, I did not take very many pictures while we were on vacation. I am so mad at myself, but at the same time, we were busy playing in the water and I did not want to leave my big camera in the hot car all day while swimming and floating. I should have taken some time though and gone and taken some pictures. I seen all kinds of cool things that I wanted to take pictures of and didn't.

               My Babies... Keigan and Dawson

                         RaeRae & CaiCai

 I took the waterproof camera with me on the first trip down the river, but then I did not charge the battery and take it any more. I am still kicking myself in the ass over that. There were times I wished that I could get out of the river and go grab my big camera and take pictures of different things along the river, but of course there was NO way to do that. I would have loved to have taken some good pictures of Dawson jumping off of a 30 foot cliff...even though it scared the living hell out of me watching him it do it. It was a great memory for him, and I did not get to capture it. Next year, I will take the waterproof camera with me everywhere I go, and I WILL take the time to go take pictures of other things as well.


  1. Don't beat yourself up over it, hon. What is important is that you have memories to share with the kiddos. You have to enjoy yourself and not take it all in behind the lens. :)

    Take more the next time, but remember you don't have to get it all. *hugs*