Thursday, July 26, 2012

And this is OUR future....

Yup Im Done...
Fukk The Bull'Shyt Niqqas Branq.
Wanna' Sit There Nd' Tell Yew All Kinda' Shyt But Then Go Bakk On They Word, Damn Nd' To Think I Was Still Waitinq Fo' Yew.
Told Me.He.Was Gonna' Be Here But Then I Was Preqnant Nd' He Cudn.t Do It Cause It Not His But Yet He Knew From The.Beqinninq It Was A Possibklity And He Told Me He Wud Be Here For Me.
Ha Hope She Breaks Your.Fukkinq Heart. #Real'Fukkinq'Talk.!
Worried Bout' Me Nd' My Baby Only Shyt Fukk Eryyh'One Else. Straiqht Up.

Yep, the above statement is a status of a 17 year old child (who is sorta like a niece to me) and I can not help but be a little disturbed by every single thing in this status. Ugh. What the hell is wrong with kids today. I promise you, if either one of my kids EVERY try to post some stupid shit like this, or talk like something they are NOT, it WILL be the last they see of FaceBook as long as they live with me, and they will NOT be talking for a while because they would likely need some dental work, do you hear me? 

I totally blame the parents for the way this girl acts. This child quit going to school in JR HIGH and has been a wild child for a long time. She did good while she lived with her dad and stepmom for a while, but then she started hanging with the wrong crowd and ended up moving to her moms because there were no rules. She was not made to get up and go to school. She was not punished in anyway for any of her actions. Nothing. She has been allowed to sleep with MEN since she moved with her mother. She is pregnant by a 24 year old man and apparently her mom sees nothing wrong with it!?!?! 


  1. WTF is wrong with kids these days???!!! Ugh! I am disgusted and agree with you on the fact that my children (when I finally have some LoL) will NEVER act that way!!

  2. This is so sad to hear! It has to start with the parents. Kids can't parent themselves! She's in for a rough life.