Friday, July 27, 2012

Just another sleepless night in the hood....

The Hubs is at work, doing one of those LONG, he went to work this morning and doesn't plan on getting off of work until Saturday sometime. I hope they finish the ship early. I hate when he works like that.

I am actually looking forward to this weekend! We are going to a BBQ at my aunts house. Or my father in laws house....however you want to look at it. lol Yes, I know it sounds pretty backwoods Arkansas, hillbilly, but it's really not. lol

Anyway, we are going over there for a BBQ for a family day with some family we have not seen in a couple of years. The kids are excited too.

If timing allows, we will also go watch a friends little girl play softball. This girl is awesome and we enjoy watching kids play sports.

But....Sunday...I can not wait until Sunday! Sunday I will get to see some old girlfriends from high school. One of them is about to embark on a new journey in life and will be moving to Japan. While I personally could never up and move to Japan, I know that she is going to love it! This is someone that I truly look up to and that inspires me. SHE is the reason that I have wanted to do photography, and though I have not seen her in forever and a day, it will still be sad to see her go, yet so exhilarating at the same time. Knowing she is getting to have the experience of a lifetime. I think she may get a little bored being a stay home wife, but I expect that she will definitely find ways to pass the time, and I expect to see lots of pictures and I will definitely be following her blog!! I would post the link, but I don't know how she would feel about that....


  1. Maybe someday you could visit her there. That would be pretty cool. It's so nice when someone is so far away, but you can still stay connected so easily. Back in the day, if your friend moved that far, communication would be sparse. That, I think, is one of the few benefits of facebook. These days, you can communicate and share photos with someone half way around the world everyday. it sounds like you have a fun week end to look forward to. I hope it's great!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! Thanks for the blog hop!

  3. It sounds like the perfect weekend, I hope you enjoy every second of it!