Friday, July 20, 2012


I want so badly to just go outside and cuss my neighbor out! I will refrain seeing as they appear to be a little on the thugish side, I am home alone, and I really don't feel like having anything happen to me, my car, or this hell hole we call home for the time being! I don't know what the hell they do, but anytime they are outside they are right up against my house (trailer) beating and banging as if they have all the sense in the fucking world! It is 11:40 at night and They are being very loud. I have music playing on the computer and I can still hear the spanish music blaring, on top of them beating and banging, yelling and carrying on.
The beating and banging is a daily/nightly thing. Every single time they come home, I swear they hit the end of my house with their car. One of these days I will go outside and take a picture and post of it, of how they park, and how they are suppose to park.
At the risk of pissing people off, and it is not my intentions, and sounding raciest, which I am NOT, we live in a "neighborhood" that is 85% mexican and these people all seem to be assholes! I have tried talking to them. Ya know, being the friendly neighbor. Negative. They wanted NO part of talking to me. My daughter has tried on more than one occasion, to play with the little kids around here. Negative. They just make fun of her and look at her like she is crazy. What the fuck is wrong with these people?
Anyway, this is my rant.


  1. Ewww some of the times I don't miss was living in a trailer park. I am working on a posting for this week of my own times living @ Shangri La Trailer Park. Enjoyed reading your posting

  2. We used to live in a Mexican neighborhood, many of them do like to blast their music very late into the night. This is really gonna sound bad, but it seems to be the same song over and over. I don't think it is, but it sometimes sounds like it.

  3. Hi, I wrote about your post and the music. Please don't worry about offending me, I can take it down. It does link back to your post. Let me know.

  4. Lmao. It takes a whole lot to offend me, and you writing about my post isn't gonna do the trick. lol.

  5. I live in an apartment complex, mostly college kids and all are quiet. They don't tolerate much here in the way of noise or parties so it's a good place to live. Except for my wannabe Eminem. I will trade you one Mexican who can't park straight for one skinny white boy who thinks he can rap and must practice in the parking lot, in front of my apartment, every fucking night of the world. You did catch those key words "thinks he can rap", didn't you?