Sunday, July 15, 2012

Floating the Frio 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012- we got on the road about 9:45am, headed towards Utopia, Texas. It pretty much poured down rain the whole trip until we actually came into Utopia and the rain stopped long enough for us to find the office to the Rio Frio Lodging, get checked in, drive to our cabin and then to the little store to get gas and then back to our cabin. Once we got back to the cabin the bottom fell out again. It didn't last long but we were td at the store that the weather wasn't looking too promising for our planned river float. The cabin we are staying in is called Canyon Breeze and it is located at The Steppin' Back Guest Ranch, ran by Rio Frio Lodging. The movie "7 Days in Utopia" was filmed here and Melissa Leo lived in this cabin while they were here. There is a journal on the end table in the cabin that guest write their stories in and leave them behind for others to read. It is pretty neat. I haven't put anything in the journal yet, but I plan to before we leave.

Thursday July 12, 2012- thankfully we got up this morning and the skies were clear and the weather was perfect. It wasn't hot and there was just enough of a breeze. We loaded up and headed to the store and got a shuttle to a drop off point that the locals call the 1120. They told us that the river was at a perfect level for a good float and it was the best it had been in at least 5 years. Not long into our journey Cindy, Rae and Keigan ( who all had their tubes tied together) got horse shoed around a tree. Ronnie rescued them and in the process of trying to wait for them, I grabbed a tree limb and tried to stop but the limb slipped out of my hand and almost smacked Dawson in the face. Thank God he moved because it probably would have knocked his ass out cold!
Now, I know this sounds silly, but I am scared of the rapids on the rivers. If the sound bad or look bad, I will get out and walk around it or check it out first. The first set we came to, I knew there was a drop off and I was not about to go over it, and neither was Keigan. Dawson is bigger and enjoys that stuff so I let him make up his own mind. He is pretty good at maneuvering his tube and keeping it under control and he doesn't panic. I just can't say the same thing. Lol. Everybody went through it except for Keigan and I. I think Bob and Caitlynn were the only ones who got flipped out of their tubes, and bob ended up losing his hat from Dawson's all stars, lost his goggles and at some point HIS WEDDING RING!
The next set of rapids we were all floating through and Keigan got freaked out and Rae got a little freaked out because they could see what looked like a little drop or something and so I'm trying to hold on to both of them, get all 3 of us to the side and keep from losing my tube. NONE of that took place though. I ended up flipping out of my tube while still trying to hold both of them and of course now I'm being drug down and getting the shit beat out of me the whole way! I lost sight of both girls and I instantly freaked and started bawling. Little did I know that Bob had both of them and they made it through, still in their tubes and everything was fine, Thank you Jesus! There was another time that was got beat up and I really thought I was going to end up taking a trip to Uvalde to the hospital. It was BAD. the rest of the day was pretty much without incident.

Friday, July 13, 2012- we got a later start today and it was mostly my fault. I could not sleep last night ( or any other night for the last month) and then I laid down at 8 this morning because everybody was still asleep and then I didn't wake up until about 10:30. We went to the store, bought a 2 person tube for me and Keigan, went to Garner to get some information and then back to the cabin to get the kids. Me, Keigan and Rae decided we did not want to float the same section that we had floated yesterday so we went to Garner and played. The float took longer today because the river had already went down some. We had a great time in Garner and everybody else said the float kinda sucked. Dawson and Caitlynn jumped off of a cliff that was about 25 feet high! Dawson was going to do it 3 times but never made up the 3rd time because he slipped and slid down the cliff. He hurt his leg but he is fine. Just some abrasions. Now, we have had a fire, the kids made S'mores, we tried to make the Mt. Dew glow thing but I guess we did that wrong because it did not work and everybody is in bed asleep....except for me.

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