Sunday, July 22, 2012

The assholes parking arrangement

The black truck is parked in front of my house and then taking up part of their driveway. The white car is also in their drive way. I informed the office of my issues today and I let them know if they did not handle it, I was going to put up no parking signs on my house as well stating that anybody parking there without permission would have their car towed away at the owners expense!


  1. I don't blame you. I live next door to a General Store. (Sounds all Mayberry, doesn't it?) People park in front of my driveway and block it when they go in the store to get a soda or something. Pisses me off. I usually give them the death look and sometimes I'll beep at them (because sometimes it happens when I'm trying to pull in and out of the driveway.) People can be such inconsiderate jerk offs.

  2. Some people just know no other way of life other than to be assholes. I have come to learn this. As for living in a Mayberry town...been there, done that, more than once and it will not happen again...I hope. lol. Small towns have their perks, but they usually seem to have more flaws. I would put a sign at the end of my driveway telling them do not block drive.

  3. You can also see where they beat and bang on the end of my house. They have it with their truck too!