Monday, July 23, 2012

What the hell is wrong with people?

I have a few rants today. Some have been headline news, some maybe just local news here in my area, and some, so far have not even made the news, and one, I know for a fact, won't be on the news. Let me start with that one.

Just a little while ago I had to go to my step dads house to get a crock pot. It is about a 15 minute drive, maybe a little longer, depending on the traffic, or if you are like me and have an addiction to fountain Dr. Pepper from McDonald's. I stop at the McDonald's that is along the way and I wait 15 minutes in the drive thru to just to order my drink, and one for Keigan too, just to get the damn drinks and drive off and then take a drink to find out it was DIET COKE! Puke! I called the idiots at McDonald's something along the lines of stupid fucktards and went on about my business...without my "crack" ( fountain DP) and when I make it to the turn off on the highway, I was stopped because they are putting new black top down on the road. While I am sitting there waiting for the dumb girls to give me the OK to drive through, one of the two women starts cleaning out their ice chest and throwing all the empty coke cans, water bottles and 2 beer cans on the ground! I rolled the window down and said something to her, and then it took everything in my being not to take that nasty ass diet coke out of the cup holder and throw it all over that dumb bitch. Ugh. When I get to the other end of the construction zone, I stop and nicely say something to what appeared to be the supervisor and his response pissed me off even more (but I still didn't throw the damn coke and I wish I would have. That would have been so funny because he was sitting on his ass with a laptop between him and the steering wheel in the AC. I could have just thrown it in his window and drove off.  His response was "And?...Are you with the EPA or something? If not don't worry about it!" There were no phone numbers on the trucks or equipment for me to call, but I am going to look up the company and call and let them know.
Done...I actually just called them and gave them my complaint and they immediately transferred me the CEO of N-Line Traffic Maintenance. He was just as pissed as I was. Hope they all get fired.

On to the next...This whole shooting thing in Colorado. What in the hell would make some dude with clown red (faded) hair, that has a PhD go into a movie theater and start shooting people? I can not fathom this at all. I can not thing of any one thing or combination of things that would get me that worked up, that I would want to take the time and set my apartment up with all these bombs and shit, and then spend all the money on protective gear, guns, ammo, and so on, and then kill all these innocent people. Then to top it all off, this motherfucker doesn't even try to kill himself, or put up a fight with the police! Of course already there is talking about this guy having mental problems. I call BULLSHIT! This piece of shit had this shit planned out. Yeah, I guess he did have some mental disorder, but not to the capacity the media is trying to make it out to be. He knew damn good and well what the fuck he was doing. He knew it the whole time he was planning it out. He knew it the whole time that he was rigging his apartment with all kinds of bombs and shit. He also knew it as he was headed to the theater that night. Does he think he is going to continue to live a long healthy life in prison, or that he will get out on temporary insanity or some shit?
How does someone like this even deserve to be able to see the light of day (the shooting happened at a midnight showing, it was dark outside)? I can honestly say that if I had been the cop taking this bastard to jail, we would have made a pit stop and he would be dead! However, I wasn't that cop, and this man is still alive and well. Unharmed, and eating 3 meals a day. Why? Why is he on suicide watch? If the fucker wanted to kill himself, he would have done it before going to jail. Why is he going to be appointed an attorney that is suppose to HELP him fight his case? How can any attorney defend this monster? Why is this man going to even have a chance to live for years in a prison system that the tax payers are going to have to continue paying for? Ugh. I could keep going about this, but I won't.


This WAS an extended cab F250 super duty.

The following is the news report from abc13 KTRK Eyewitness News Houston.

South Texas officials are investigating a horrific single vehicle accident that killed 14 people and left 9 injured.
The truck those 23 victims were traveling in was impounded to the Goliad Sheriff's Department, where authorities continue to search the vehicle for evidence.
A total of 14 people are confirmed dead and 9 are recovering at four different hospitals in Victoria, Corpus Christi, Beeville and San Antonio.
According to DPS, the accident happened around 6:30pm Sunday off Highway 59, near Goliad. DPS troopers tell us 23 people were traveling in a Ford F250 pickup truck when the driver lost control and smashed into several trees.
At least seven passengers were traveling inside the truck. The others were believed to be in the bed of the truck. Troopers tell us the truck bed was not covered and those victims were ejected.
"In my 38 years as an officer this is one of the worst fatalities I have been to and I have never seen where we had that many in a vehicle," said DPS Trooper Gerald Bryant.
According to US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, 11 of the dead were male and three were female. Two of those killed were juveniles. ICE added that the deceased are from Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico.
We have also confirmed the driver of the truck was killed and authorities say they have not been able to identify him or any of the other passengers. They say the truck is registered out of Houston, but the owner was not the driver.
At this point, authorities have enough evidence to believe the 23 victims were illegally traveling from Mexico.
"One thing was the manner in which they were being carried in the vehicle," said Trooper Bryant. "It's very common with the way illegal immigrants are transported into the United States and another thing is the lack of identification on the victims involved in this crash."
Border patrol agents are now questioning the survivors of this crash at the different hospitals, trying to learn where they were from and where they were headed. They are continuing to work on identifying all of the victims and notifying their families.
Authorities say it appears the right front tire blew out, causing the truck to veer off the road and strike two trees."
23 people in one fucking truck and nobody had stopped them before they made thus far? I mean, I don't know exactly how far into Texas they actually were, but I do know they were far enough to have gone through more than 1 fucking check point! How do you fit that many people in a damn truck? Fucking idiots!!!

My next issue, I have yet to see on any news, in any news papers, or any police reports.
My brother in law is a manager at a Radio Shack and they were robbed at gun point Saturday night. I think I may have already posted something about this, but still, it really pisses me off.
From my understanding it was my brother in law and one other employee working and there were 2 customers in the store. A back man comes into the store and pulls a gun and takes all the money in the store, and apparently all the money that the people had. He took all of their cell phones and then made them go to the back of the store where my brother in law was made to unlock a cabinet that holds all the iPhones and whatever else, and then everybody was locked in a bathroom. I am so thankful that nobody was hurt, but I think I am really more pissed off at the fact that the security cameras in the store do not really record, so there is no video of the suspect. Why would you not have the cameras recording? That is ignorant. This store has been broken into before....Nothing worth anything was stolen, but you would think that after that, they would want to make sure the shit is recording. I do not know if anything has been done or if they have found this man or not. I was told that one of the customers phones that the man took had a GPS locator on it, and the phone was supposedly located, but I have no clue really. I have not talked to my brother in law personally. I do know for a fact....That would have been my last night to work for Radio Shack!!!

There ya have rants for the day.


  1. Are you sure? The 10 o'clock news hasn't been on yet. And there are still a few hours until midnight. :-)

  2. I saw that truck accident. How did they fit that many people in there? I guess they were sitting in back? But that's not legal, I just can't figure it out.

  3. Well, my best guess is that yes, some of them HAD to be in the back of truck, which isn't legal, unless you are over the age of 18. Either way, I do not think in any sense is it legal to have 23 people in any one vehicle, unless it is a bus, and then you have to have special training and drivers licenses to drive said bus...which seeing as all of these people were illegals to begin with, I highly doubt they have ANY of that. It really makes me sick and I could probably write a day long post about shit in this country that pisses me off, and the way that these immigrants are allowed to come over here and get away with so much shit. Ughhh. Makes my damn blood boil.

  4. I agree on the shooter from Colorado. So much doesn't even make sense. :( That wreck made the news up here. We have a pick up w/king cab and can't imagine that many ppl in there and the total # of killed/injured sounds crazy. :( I used to work for a 7-11 and would not blame your brother for quitting after a robbery- and that is sad it hasn't made your local news unless they already have suspects.

  5. Nope. No suspects. The local news has been asked about why there has been nothing reported, but of course no answers have been given. It wasn't just the Radio Shack that my BIL works at that got robbed. I know of 3 now that have been robbed in as many days. It is crazy. They are all identical robberies.